Medical Measurements Systems

Medical Measurement Systems is one of the world’s leading companies in the development, production and (whole-)sale of medical diagnostic systems for urodynamics and gastroenterology.

In the urodynamic field, Medical Measurement Systems (MMS) is marketing a complete line of diagnostic equipment, from flowmeters to high-end computerised video-urodynamic systems. The equipment is used to diagnose bladder dysfunction’s, micturation disorders, urinary and faecal incontinence as well as prostate problems.

In the gastroenterology field, MMS offers a complete line of stationary and ambulatory pH and motility equipment. Dedicated software provides fully automated analysis of oesophageal pH and pressures recorded during a 24-hours study. The stationary equipment is used to diagnose non-cardiac chest pain, swallow disorders, reflux and motor abnormalities for the oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon and anorectal canal.

The products of MMS are marketed since 1988 and since then the company is growing fast; both in turnover and number of employees. Due to our company philosophy the engineers and sales & marketing people have daily contact with practising physicians all over the world. This enables MMS to develop and modify diagnostic systems that exactly meet the actual needs of the market and gives the company an outstanding reputation.

The head office of MMS is based in Enschede, a major industrial city in The Netherlands. From here all products are designed and tested to comply with medical safety regulations such as CE, TÜV and FDA, as well as international standards (ISO 9002). Distribution takes place through a world-wide network of highly qualified distributors, who are selling and servicing MMS-systems to many university, public and private hospitals.

  • H. Fürstenberg