Deze workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven, tenzij alle aanwezigen voldoende Nederlands spreken.

The ease of use and acceptance of a medical product by patients and caregivers is essential for a successful medical device. Therefore it is important that your product matches the needs of the stakeholders and fits in the work processes and use scenarios of your end-users.

An efficient way to match those needs is to involve patients and caregivers closely in the design process of your medical device. In each development stage of the design process different tools and techniques are available for stakeholder involvement.

WHAT In this workshop we are going to find answers on the following questions:
1) Which methods are available for patient and caretaker participation in the stages of the design process of your medical device?
2) How can you embed these methods in the design process effectively?
The primary focus of this workshop is on the early stages of the development process. We focus on stakeholder mapping and persona mapping, which are powerful tools to get better user insights. In addition, we treat methods such as process mapping and patient journey mapping that are powerful methods to tailor the workflow and the service around the product to the healthcare environment.

FOR WHOM  If you are responsible for the design of a medical device and want to gain better user insights than you get from observations and interviews with your end-users, this workshop will show you which additional tools and techniques are available.
If you wonder how your product will fit in the complex eco-system of healthcare, this workshop will give you insights on which co-design techniques are available for the design of your product, service and/or treatment.


16.00 – Registration & Coffee

16:15 – Introduction on Co-design

16:30 – Explorative tools to get valuable user insights

17:00 – Stakeholder mapping, Persona mapping & empathy mapping – cases & workout

17:30 – Behaviour mapping & process mapping – cases & work on your own case

18.00 – dinner break

18:45- Patient journey mapping – cases & work on your own case

19:15-Evaluative tools – to validate your design

19:45- Questions & drinks


We welcome a maximum number of 50 participants. We will count on your participation for creating working groups and catering. If you cannot attend the event for which you have already registered, we kindly ask that you let us know. Simply e-mail


This workshop is part of the TechMed Workshop Series ‘Remove the Barriers to Market Readiness’. This one-year-course of workshops covers the most important, but also most challenging, topics required for the development and production of a safe, reliable and useful medical device. The workshops are organized for (future) entrepreneurs in the medical device industry, take place every 2 months on an afternoon and focus on one specific topic every session. It is possible to attend the complete course, but also separate workshops.

The TechMed Workhsop Series is part of the TechMed Proeftuin. By sharing their knowledge and expertise in the workshops series the TechMed Proeftuin partners aim to bring medical innovations 1 TRL level further and closer to a successful market introduction. The TechMed Proeftuin receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union; the Workshop Series can therefore be offered free of charge.