It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the first symposium of ARISE on Urban Innovations in Sustainability and Energy

ARISE, see also the website, is a new knowledge network at University of Twente which focus is on urban innovations in sustainability and energy.

ARISE’s symposium aims to be a highly interactive event for both seasoned experts as well as entry-level professionals and students. This symposium provides a unique opportunity to meet, share and discuss sustainability and energy related developments in a timely and influential forum in the field of design-research for sustainability and energy. Click here for the full program of the symposium.

The symposium’s program will be divided into two program lines, one about Sustainable Energy, the other about the Circular Economy. Each program line will present excellent speakers from academia, governmental organizations and business, and be supported by creative workshops according to the Science2Design4Society (S2D4S) method to pinpoint and further explore important problems to be solved in the field of sustainability and energy.

Naturally, because sustainability is a matter of concern to all of us, we welcome individuals from all backgrounds and nationalities to participate and contribute in a spirit of rational, open inquiry.

The university and city offer a decidedly international ambiance and the DesignLab is accommodated on a central place on campus. The building the Gallery (nr. 17 on the map) is well located between academic and business ‘neighbourhoods’. For support in arranging your trip/accommodation you can reply to this e-mail.

Here you can register for the symposium and become part of an international and inspiring network of researchers, companies and governmental organizations!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we look forward to welcoming you to the forthcoming ARISE symposium!