DGT is market leader in electronic Chess products. We introduced the Digital Game Timer to the Chess world and received the support of FIDE, the world Chess federation.
The DGT electronic Chess Boards and accompanying software are used in all major Chess tournaments around the word.
DGT was founded in 1993, combining the expertise of Ben Bulsink and Albert Vasse.
In 2015 the company was taken over by Hans Pees, and Ben Spenkelink is now head of Product Development.
DGT develops electronic products with other companies. This requires the close coordination of product design, production, marketing, and distribution. DGT Projects offers its knowledge and experience in electronics and marketing strategy – key elements in exploiting your product’s potential. If you have a new product idea, contacting us may be your best opportunity to make it a reality. We can help you with:
* Concept development
* Redesign of existing products to meet price and functionality goals
* Finding the right marketing approach
* Production / distribution organisation

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